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Residential Property Registration for Abandoned and Distressed Properties FAQs

    When is registration required?

    Under Riverside County Ordinance (RCO) 881, any residential property that is vacant and is under a current Notice of Default and/or Notice of Trustee’s Sale, pending Tax Assessors Lien Sale, or a property that has been the subject of a foreclosure sale where the title was retained or transferred to the beneficiary of the deed of trust involved in the foreclosure, or a property transferred under a deed in lieu of foreclosure sale is required to be registered.
    Ordinance No. 881

    What is the current registration fee?

    The current fee is $70.00 per year.

    How long is registration good?

    Registration is valid for the calendar year in which the property is registered.

    What if circumstances change and the property no longer meets the criteria to be considered abandoned?

    If the property sells or becomes legally occupied, registration will not be required for the next calendar year. If the property returns to an abandoned state, registration will be required. 

    Can I get a partial refund of fees paid if the property no longer meets registration criteria within a calendar year?

    No, registration fees are not prorated or refundable.

    What are the maintenance and security requirements for an abandoned property?

    What are the signage requirements for an abandoned property?

    Where do I send the check to?

    County of Riverside Code Enforcement Department
    4080 Lemon St, 12th floor
    P.O. Box 1469
    Riverside, CA 92502

    Why doesn’t my property show up in the system?

    The property is within city limits and is not a part of the County’s jurisdiction.

    Do you accept credit card payments or e-check?

    Yes, We accept credit card and e-check payments via PLUS online.